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Intro and Main Titles

Hi and welcome to SoundtrackSHARITY, or STS for short. The idea here is to share "promotional" discs. You know, the ones issued by composers and enterprising soundtrack producers in limited quantities? If you've missed out on these titles then congratulations -- I'm going to save you the cash.

What STS isn't going to be is a mad, feeding-frenzy of free downloads of commercial material. While occasionally there might be an extremely, blazing, out-of-print title available for download, the idea here is to get interesting scores heard even after the economics of film music has determined there just wasn't a market for these titles.

The files will be in 128kbps mp3s (don't whine about compression), zipped and uploaded to Rapidshare. You can either sign up for a paid account with Rapidshare, or use the service for free (but they do limit you to one file per 60-80 mins). While I am sharing these files, I am not going to provide technical support. You'll have to figure out how to download, open and play these files yourself. Requests are welcome, as are shares from you, the visitors.

Remember that not everyone in the soundtrack community has a day job. This blog will ruffle feathers. If you enjoy it, pass the link to trusted friends. Or keep it to yourself and dangle all the cool titles you got here!

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