FilmMusic - Christopher Lennertz

Next up in this series of composer promo reels is Christopher Lennertz's FilmMusic, a circa-2000 compilation comprised of cues from some of the composer's earliest efforts like Joel Silver's short-lived TV series The Strip, the Hallmark Channel's America! and Brimstone (a 1998 FOX TV series). This is a cross section of moods and feels, from the contemporary to the more traditional. It's also a neat look back at Lennertz's early career, before he went on to score the gothic Saint Sinner and a string of Medal of Honor videogames. Christopher's most recent project is the videogame based on The Simpson's Movie.

This is entirely unreleased film music which you'll find only here on SoundtrackSharity. That is until someone re-uploads the files and posts links elsewhere.

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