Film Score Suites - Conrad Pope

SoundtrackSharity is all about promotional discs distributed for free to promote a composer's work (and not a place you'll find commercial releases).

There's no older form of promotional disc then the "general reel", a compilation disc of a composer's greatest hits, showcasing their diversity with selections from their "contemporary", "orchestral" and assorted styles. The next few titles I'll be posting are compilation/reel albums. These are titles that can only be found here at SoundtrackSharity... That is until the files are re-uploaded somewhere else and linked on another blog... (let me emphasize that dot, dot, dot!) I post only original albums, not re-ups from other sites.

First up is Conrad Pope's Film Score Suites, with music from a few films you've probably never heard of, but feature music inspired by scores you probably have! While it is exceptionally well crafted, Pope relies a bit on memorable themes and ideas from more prominent film scores like Goldsmith's Basic Instinct and Williams' Hook. Check it out in the comments...