U571 - Richard Marvin

The first share on STS is Richard Marvin's fully-orchestral score for U-571, the WW2 actioner Americanized for audiences in the summer of 2000. Similarities to Jerry Goldsmith's Air Force One are strictly co-incidental.

Released as a promotional disc in 2000 as RMCD 01 and manufactured by Super Tracks. 23 tracks, total running time: 62:07.

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    Any chance of re-posting this? Thanks!  

  2. # Blogger MrClean

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  3. # Blogger MrClean

    I agree, please re-upload this! (Preferably someplace where files don't eventually expire like Rapidshare)  

  4. # Blogger Timothy

    Yeah Please Repost!!!!!!!
    I am begging you!  

  5. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity
  6. # Blogger Krzysztof

    where are those links?:D  

  7. # Blogger jamie

    I always loved this score. it has such a proud graceful way about it. Sad but touching. Sweeping epic melody.  

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