The Tigger Movie - HG Williams

Moving right along... From action music to... The Tigger Movie!? This smaller classically animated Disney release features a, er, bouncy, score by Harry Gregson-Williams the same year as he co-wrote the score for Chicken Run with John Powell and a year before he and Powell scored Shrek.

Walt Disney Records released a "Songs & Story" album back in 2000 that contained none of Gregson-Williams' score. This promotional features disc 15 tracks, total running time: 30:18.

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  1. # Blogger JD

    do you by chance have the Shrek soundtrack just a thought. Also do you have a list somewhere on the site of the soundtracks you've uploaded?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Any chance of a repost of "The Tigger Movie" OST? Thanks  

  3. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity
  4. # Blogger Astodapisemime

    Could you reupload this...the link doesn't work???  

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