The Boy Who Could Fly - Bruce Broughton

Bruce Broughton must have been the King of the '80s, judging by his prodigious output in that decade. The assignments have gotten lower in profile and farther between for the composer these days, but we'll always have those '80s gems to hold on to. One of which is The Boy Who Could Fly, a fantasy/drama scored by Broughton in 1986.

Broughton's music is appropriately tender, considering the subject matter, anchored on a sweet theme for flute, harp, guitar and strings, which the composer wastes no time establishing in the opening track ("Main Titles/Meeting Eric"). The orchestrations are firmly entrenched in Broughton's sound at the time, i.e., a lot of the filigreed elements ("Military Mission/New Neighbors") are similiar to those in his masterwork, Young Sherlock Holmes.

Originally released on LP as a re-recording by Varese Sarabande shortly after the film's disappointing theatrical run, Percepto Records produced a 1,000 copy promotional disc in 2001 that quickly vanished from specialty retailers.

Anyone ever wonder what happened to Lucy Deakins, who played Millie? Me too.

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  1. # Blogger Chuck

    I loved this moive, it was one of the better movies that came out around that time.  

  2. # Blogger attax

    Hi, thanks for this one. I have also a blog for rare and oop soundtracks.
    I will put you in my link section.
    There is Young Sherlock Holmes from Broughton to dl.  

  3. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    Wow, great link Attax! I'll add you to my link list as well.  

  4. # Blogger 7 Black Notes

    Beautiful score; thanks for sharing. Do you have any Christopher Young promo scores since 2000 or so? Also, I have a vinyl/unreleased soundtrack blog you might find of interest -; check it out if you get a chance. Thanks again!  

  5. # Blogger J.R. Kinnard

    Great ST and a great site. Thank you!  

  6. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

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  7. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    7 Black notes -- great blog (finally have "Children of The Corn"!), you're linked from here now... Thanks for linking to me!  

  8. # Blogger alythia77

    Could you re-post this soundtrack? I loved this movie--I even bought a Stephen Bishop CD to get the song that they play during the end credits ("Walking On Air").  

  9. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    New link!

    The Boy Who Could Fly


  10. # Blogger alythia77

    You rock!! I can't thank you enough. I just dl-ed it this morning and have been listening to it ever since. :)  

  11. # Blogger Sharkysmachine

    Would love to have this one but it's no longer there. Any chance of a re-upload?  

  12. # Blogger Seawave

    Yes, a re-upload pretty pleeeeease! This is sooooo hard to find and it's ridiculously expensive on CD like over $200 :(

    Great movie, one of my retro faves.  

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