Virtuosity - Christopher Young

I don't know a lot about Chris Young's Virtuosity because a lot of it is so terrible I can't listen to the whole thing without scrambling for the skip button.

It's a synthesis of Young's trademark thriller style with a overload of contemporary electronic whizbangery, a lot of which sounds awfully dated, some twelve years after the score was written. Look no further than the infamous "orch hits" in the aptly titled "Techno Turd" if you feel like cringing.

Virtuosity was released in a string of promo titles (along with such "classics" as Hush, Murder at 1600) by the composer and manufactured by the label Intrada. I'm sharing this album by request for Chris Young titles. Look for more (better) titles in the near future.

Sorry, file deleted!

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  2. # Blogger attax

    Hey :) got me here I was just about to release this one :) Thanks  

  3. # Blogger VENHARIS

    Nice score unheard before !!!  

  4. # Blogger VENHARIS

    Nice score never before heard !!!  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    File has been deleted :.(

    Any chance of a re-up...pretty please?


  6. # Blogger ebonyte

    Could you repost these files? I'm very interested to hear the remix of Lords of Acid.



  7. # Blogger x-ile

    Please re-up this. Thanks  

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