Call of Duty - Michael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino at this point is now a fully fledged film composer, but he got his start in videogames. Honing his craft with the first entries in the Medal of Honor series, writing fully symphonic orchestral scores for the WW games, it's no surprise then that Activision and Infinity Ward lured Giacchino to kick off their similiarly themed Call of Duty. The musical results are in the Medal of Honor vein, though with an agitated streak (witness the unison agressive string and pounding drums that open the disc in "Call of Duty"). A firestorm of brass follows, before the brass and strings compete with Giacchino's soaring main theme. It's this cacophony of the patriot tropes and sinister undercurrents that so effectively evoke rambling forces in battle. Call of Duty is a rollicking ride.

Call of Duty was released as an "official soundtrack sampler" via the EB Games (aka Electronics Boutique) chain in the U.S. Recorded in Los Angeles with union musicians, releasing the music commercially at the time was probably too pricey a proposition for the developer.

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  1. # Blogger JazzHollister

    Thanks a lot! I have been looking all over for a copy of this. I'm addicted to Michael Giacchino. From his Medal of Honor game scores to TV and feature film work (Lost, Incredibles).

    This is a nice addition to my Giacchino library.

    I wish they'd release more of his Game music (I heard the Incredibles Game score was just as good as his film music) I think Chris Tilton helped on that one.

    Thanks again! If you run across any other Giacchino promos, post 'em. I'd be in your debt!


  2. # Blogger Luca

    thanks a lot Sharity... really lovely work... could you upload the Call of duty album again? it says, that the file isn't available anymore...  

  3. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity
  4. # Blogger TURKAOR  

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