Swordfish - Christopher Young

Continuing with Chris Young titles... Here's Swordfish, a spiritual brother to Virtuosity, only this time the contemporary elements were handled by an expert -- D.J. Paul Oakenfold. The results are significantly slicker, albeit no less dated as the "techno" sound Oakenfold was spinning at the time is now more suited to rallying fans at sporting events then it is dancing.

Thankfully the idea of "remixing" a film score died a quick death. Unfortunately we'll never get to hear the crackling contributions of Young minus the merciless loops from Oakenfold.

The action/adventure/thriller genre is really where Young excels. His often over-the-top theatrical style works best when the onscreen antics are completely ludicrous ("Music for Violence and Orchestra", "Wrapped In C4", "Black Ops"). Think of Swordfish as the James Bond score that Christopher Young has never written.

Certainly a step up from Virtuosity, and at this price, how can you complain?

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    Thanks, this is a pretty good one; nice to hear Chris messing a bit with techno.  

  2. # Blogger attax

    Thank a lot for this one. Now I have the complete score. Just had some tracks from this one.  

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    Sorry to say the file is missing. Can you upload it again?  

  4. # Blogger Brett

    Can you repost this one by any chance? I'd love to add this one to the collection...  

  5. # Blogger Koko

    I'll third the request for a reload.. thanks inadvance..  

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    I'd love it if you could post a new link to this.

    Many thanks...  

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