The Adventures of Conan - Basil Poledouris

Here's a quick addition to the blog -- Basil Poledouris' The Adventures of Conan: Sword And Sorcery Spectacular, music the composer wrote for a live-action stage show at Universal Studios, Hollywood in the early 1980s.

Running just over sixteen-and-a-half minutes, Poledouris evokes the spirit of his Conan The Barbarian score without (sadly) explicitly quoting any themes from that score. Recorded in London with the "London Studio Symphony Orchestra and Voices", the results are a little less epic than Barbarian, but worth a download/listen, considering how little we hear from Poledouris these days.

Also included on the promotional disc, released by Supertracks in 2000, is the cheese y stage show audio track. Total time of the disc is 24:35.

Sorry, file deleted!

4 Responses to “The Adventures of Conan - Basil Poledouris”

  1. # Blogger attax

    Never heard of this one. GREAT :) THANK YOU.  

  2. # Blogger Jon Anders

    This is SWEET! Never knew this about Conan! Like your blog :)  

  3. # Blogger Will Green

    Can you repost this? I have never heard of this soundtrack. I have the other 2 but not this one.  

  4. # Blogger Mark 5:9

    I had this one as a young tyke, but haven't heard it in forever and now can't find it. Could you repost, please?  

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