Cartoon Concerto - Bruce Broughton

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After enjoying a successful stretch in the '80s scoring features, Bruce Broughton moved to the small screen, scoring several animated series, namely Tiny Toons. This promotional disc is a major collection of Broughton's cartoon material, running almost an hour in length spread over six lengthy suites.

The music is in the manic, "mickey-mousing" Carl Stalling style, so fans of the shifting schizophrenic nature of animation music -- from Gershwin one moment to fiddle-ho-down the next in "Carnival Presto" -- will find plenty to enjoy here.

Produced for promotional use only in 2002, Cartoon Concerto was made available in limited quantities to buyers, and is still available via Screen Archives, if you are so inclined to try before you buy.

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  1. # Blogger attax

    Jaja, again you was faster as me :) Just had this one ready to ul. Great though ....  

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    Can you please post link again..? thank you so much!  

  3. # Blogger peeday

    Lijkt me een prachtige CD. Is een re-up mogelijk? Why was link deleted? Is re-post possible or other way to obtain?  

  4. # Blogger Viva

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  5. # Blogger The Flep

    can you upload this again?  

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  7. # Blogger The Flep

    tks a lot :D  

  8. # Blogger Meson

    Thanks for the link. If the link gets deleted, the entire soundtrack can be found at my website.  

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  10. # Blogger K33kat

    ty!! love your collection!  

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