Ernest Saves Christmas - Mark Snow

It's Thanksgiving in the U.S., typically the day that kicks off the Christmas season. While Christmas, er, "Holiday" ads have been airing on TV for weeks already, it's time to really get into the Christmas spirit. The forecast is calling for Snow... Mark Snow!

Yes, it's the veritable classic, Ernest Saves Christmas.

Surprisingly, this is a fully symphonic effort (orchestrated by the very capable William Ross and Don Davis) from Snow, known mainly for his synth-based television scores. It's also incredibly bouyant (wasting no time getting started with an overture in track 1, "Ernest Saves Christmas", moving into the sweet "Christmas Spirit" and "Airport Shenanigans"). While by no means exceptional, it's a fairly effective Christmas flavoured score that helps set a holly-jolly mood ("Lift-Off", the appropriately titled "Snow For Christmas").

Just twenty-seven days until Christmas. Start getting ready! And check back for my Holiday music.

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    Just a note to say that I LOVE your website.

    Even when the soundtrack is from a foolish movie like this-I still think it cool that you take the time to share it with everyone.

    Thank you.


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    Totally awesome site, some pretty rare stuff I can't find anywhere else you got.
    I'd like to know if we could exchange links?
    My site is:

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    Kamyar - great blog, I've linked to it from here. Thanks!


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    Thanks, great blog!  

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    Thanks for posting this, I've been looking all over for it.  

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    Cool score. Didn't know Mark Snow did it. By the way, does anyone have Mark Snow's promo score to Smallville????  

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    Hey guys, just in case someone need them I inculde here the covers I found for this Snow score, hope are helpful!




  10. # Blogger Clement

    Awesome movie, awesome score. But, Does anyone have any of the other Ernest Soundtracks to share?  

  11. # Blogger mikexfm

    very very cool. thanks heaps! i've been looking for this for ages

    have you come across Mark snow's Coeurs (Private fear in public places)? this is a tough one to track down.... but it's so much better than ernest  

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