The Faculty - Marco Beltrami

I remember reading an article in Cinefantastique (back when it was a real genre movie magazine) on Wes Craven's Scream where Craven revealed the composer on the film would be Marco Beltrami. Marco who?

Beltrami made a huge splash on the film, helping to reinvent horror film music (while the film single-handedly resurrected the horror genre) and save it from the synth doldrums that had become the stock sound for the rare horror movie that reached Blockbuster shelves at the time.

It was no surprise then that Beltrami would become Dimension Films' favorite composer, scoring all three of the Scream films, Nightwatch, Mimic, 54 and writing additional music for Halloween H20, for the studio. Next up would be Dimension's The Faculty, for director Robert Rodriguez, and once again Beltrami would go back to the well, pulling out an orchestral scare score in the Scream vein.

To celebrate back to school time (in North American at least), here's Beltrami's The Faculty. Released as a promotional disc and manufactured by the Intrada label in 2000, the disc runs a brisk 29 minutes.

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