Air Force One - Randy Newman

Although I doubt that Randy Newman has ever had to press promotional discs beyond the "For Your Consideration" awards kind, let's pretend that someone somewhere felt it was necessary that his unused/rejected score for Wolfgang Petersen's rah-rah presidential-thriller Air Force One be heard if not in the film than on disc.

Newman, not known for his straight-up action scoring, was perhaps a "prestige" pick for Air Force One, meant to lend the production some much needed class. Ultimately, the composer's personal idiosyncratic style didn't work for the filmmakers, and was tossed and hastily replaced in the eleventh hour by legendary Jerry Goldsmith (with a significant assist by the dependable Joel McNeely, in full Goldsmith mode).

Newman's score is a crackerjack mix. Think of it as A Bug's Life on speed. A lot of the action writing reminds me of Don Davis' later Matrix scores, which gradually mixed in more traditional, melodic action material as the series progressed. It's hard to imagine this hyperactive Newman score being any more different than Goldsmith's decidedly more linear effort. At that point in his career Goldsmith was painting action sequences with broad strokes, whereas Newman's score was hitting every eye blink.

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