The Shining - Nicholas Pike

Continuing with the Halloween theme... While not the delirious trip into style and insanity that was Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, Mick Garris' 1997 mini-series for ABC is considered more faithful to Stephen King's source material.

Along for the ride is Garris' frequent composer Nicholas Pike, here given the rare opportunity to record his score in Los Angeles with a substantial orchestra. The results are anything but Penderecki, Bartok and Wendy Carlos. Instead Pike's score is much more traditional in approach, mixing orchestral elements with plenty of atmospherics ("Psychic Call", "Croquet With Wendy", "Unmask!" and "Falling Into Blackness" - admittedly the second half of the album really cooks), voices and thundering percussion to great effect with the score reaching an emotionally satisfying climax with the final track "10 Years Later". Great Halloween time listening, especially on a long twisting drive into the country.

Released as a promotional disc shortly after the mini-series aired by SuperTracks.

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    Hi all - a few new ways of doing the blog.

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    After waiting 30 hours to upload this latest file to Filesend, here's the link:

    The Shinging - Nicholas Pike
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    nice however I keep getting an error about database missing from file send.

    How about using (NOT .de!!). It is much better than the german counterpart and the membership code transfers!

    try it.  

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    thanks, I was just wondering about this release yesterday as I was browsing

    You know I actually like better than any of the other hoster sites. You can do multiple downloads if necessary - they are quick and free.

    I enjoyed rapidshare for what it was, but I think I'm gonna mix it up between the two of them from now on. (Plus you can host larger files at filesend.)  

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    rethrick - I tried and it wouldn't let me login using my .de login/password combination.

    Filesend took FOREVER to upload the file (actually the file uploaded fine, but the page hung for at least 10 minutes before loading a confirmation page), but like jazzhollister says, Filesend allows multiple simultaneous downloads.

    What I might do for now is just rotate between Rapidshare, Megaupload and Filesend, that way if you miss one album you can get caught up at the same time.

    Thanks for visiting.  

  5. # Blogger Marissa

    Damn, I'm annoyed that I was too late for this one! :( sigh.

    Thanks anyway!  

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    Could you please reupload this again?  

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    Can you reupload this album, please? I really need it! Thank you.  

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