House of Frankenstein - Don Davis

Sorry for the delay folks, been busy. Please note that Rapidshare now deletes inactive files after 10 days, not the previous 30. Lennie Moore's Outcast has been deleted from Rapidshare, and will not be re-uploaded. I will honor any requests that a file be removed from Rapidshare.

Now on with the regular post... Here's something to kick off October and a bit of a Halloween theme... Don Davis' big orchestral romp House of Frankenstein. Running the gamut from standard scare-score ("Frank-N-Danish") to all out chorale fantasy ("In Paradisum"), there's plenty here to enjoy in the disc's generous 67-minute runtime. From Davis' Matrix-style tonalities to James Horner action licks ("She's Not Hungry For Food").

Issued as a bare-bones promotional disc by the composer in 1997, House of Frankenstein remains a solid effort from a composer we don't hear from often enough. Enjoy!

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  1. # Blogger KKDland


  2. # Blogger ISBUM

    Thanks for this music!

    I just saw "The Marine" today and guess it's the same guy. That one's got some kina funky stuff in it.  

  3. # Blogger The Retropolitan

    Just wanted to say thanks for this -- I just had a listen the other night, and it turned out to be surprisingly good.  

  4. # Blogger VonCheech

    any chance of a reupload. thank you.  

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