Honor & Glory - Basil Poledouris

I hope everyone had a great 2006. Welcome to 2007!

Sadly we lost a major film music icon last year when Basil Poledouris passed away. His music was immensely popular with collectors due to his incredible gift for full-scale melodies, evidenced in classic scores for Conan The Barbarin, Flesh & Blood and The Blue Lagoon among many others.

When Basil was commissioned to write an original piece for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, he titled his piece "The Tradition of The Games". It forms the hub of Honor and Glory, a promotional compilation of Basil's work to that point, including selections from White Fang, Free Willy and Farewell To The King. This album serves as a great testament to his talents. Each track is brimming with emotion, talent and heart. If you're not familiar with Basil's work please check out this album. Basil, we miss you!

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  1. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    Enjoy... PASSWORD = ssharity Click here to download  

  2. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    Also, check out re-up'd files for "The Faculty", and "Air Force One".  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Thank you!!! Is it the "good" Honor and Glory edition?  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    IT IS!!! Great!!! Thank you very much again! And keep posting :)  

  5. # Blogger Altrotiroaltroregalo

    Thanks a lot! It's great! :D  

  6. # Blogger Alexander

    Looks like the file has been deleted (Feb 2009). - "Violated our terms of service" etc.  

  7. # Blogger benbridges

    Fabulous site. Any chance of a re-up for Basil's HONOR AND GLORY? Thanks in advance!!  

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