Supernatural - Christopher Lennertz

The hits keep on coming... Next up, Christopher Lennertz's Emmy-nominated music for Supernatural (Season One), which airs on the WB Network (Now The CW) in the U.S.

Lennertz alternates ambient and shrill orchestral textures with the modern tonality forged by Penderecki, Bartok and Adams, aptly underlining the series' exploration and extinction of dark myths, legends and monsters. The composer also dials in plenty of contemporary rythmic loops, and fuzzed-out e-guitars, giving the show a necessary gritty and modern feel.

Highlights include the thundering action in "Fighting The Beast", and the sickly chills of "Evil Awaits".

Released to the soundtrack press on the heels of Lennertz's Emmy nomination, here are 25 selections from Season One, totalling 43+ minutes.

New! Fixed file and re-uploaded. Link in comments.

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  1. # Blogger HarveyMidnight

    Thanks! This is pretty cool music, from a really good show. It's been a while since anybody wanted to risk making a straight-up 'scary' show; the music fits the mood, not only of terror, but the show's sense of loneliness & isolation as well.  

  2. # Blogger Unknown

    i wandered over here from a friend's livejournal... thank you so much for uploading this! :D  

  3. # Blogger leare

    Wow, this music is amazing. I will be listening to it over and over again.  

  4. # Blogger Xue


    Thanks so much for uploading it.

    But I think some of us may have some problem with rapidshare. I am.

    Could you email it to my email account?

    Thank you so much!

  5. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    Sorry, can't send it. I rip them, I upload them, the rest is up to you.  

  6. # Blogger Cat

    It says "download session expired" or something. Can you re-upload? This is the only place to get it on the web and I love the score!

    Please, I'd really appreciate it.

    I created a blog just so I could ask! ^^'  

  7. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    The file is still available on Rapidshare. Please see for instructions on how to download files off their server.  

  8. # Blogger Faith

    Thanks for posting this! There seems to be some errors with the rip though. Quite a number of the tracks have their beginnings appended to the end of the previous one. Mostly I've been able to reprocess them and fix that issue...

    But tracks 13 and 14 seem jumbled up... I don't if it's an error on the original copy you have, or if something went wrong during the rip. But there's a cut midway through track 13 "The Water Attacks", where it suddenly goes into cues that are found in 14 "Sam Opens Up". But track 14 itself opens with a cue that sounds like the start of 15 "Penance/Murder", before another cut inserts the cues from 13 that I was talking about. And in between that, there are bits that I can't orient.

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to complain. I am very grateful that you posted this. It's just, without knowing what the original sounded like, I'm having a hard time fixing the errors with 13 and 14. Is there any chance that you might consider re-ripping this cd and posting a fixed version?  

  9. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    Thanks for pointing out the problems starryice. I've been ripping these at work with perhaps one too many programs open at the same time, overloading my weakling PC laptop. I'll replace SUPERNATURAL shortly with a new rip. I also have to redo BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA... Argh!  

  10. # Blogger Faith

    Awesome, thanks so much :) I look forward to the new rip!  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Will you be re-ripping and uploading the soundtrack? Like starryice, I've attempted to fix the files I downloaded, and am having a bit of trouble with tracks 13 and 14.  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It says "File Not Found"  

  13. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    New file, new link: Click here to download


  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Thank you very much!!


  15. # Blogger Faith

    Thank you!!!  

  16. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    "The Boy Who Could Fly" has been re-uploaded. Check the comments for that post for the link.  

  17. # Blogger Jason

    Hello my friend. While searching on the internet I found by fortunate accident your "Supernatural" post link. I never thought I'd find that unreleased music anywhere as it was the 1st music download I got off of the web from anyone and it helped start it all for me getting all of this sweet, rare music from these numerous blogs. I really appreciate that and thank you very much!
    I just started my own blog here in March to give back and show my appreciation. I've got some rad stuff that no one else has so go check it out and I'd appreciate it if you'd add me to your link list so others can find me. Keep up the wonderful job you're doing! Thanks and take care!

    Jason from Nightchillers Rare Music  

  18. # Blogger Jen

    Hey. Thanks for posting the link! I love Christopher's music!

    I was just wondering if anyone knew about the song that played at the end of "Dead Man's Blood" ? It's also the same song that you hear when you put in one of the Supernatural CD's from the DVD collection (it starts playing when you view the menu)...

    Does anyone know what song I'm asking about? lol. Sorry if I'm not being too clear... :-/  

  19. # Blogger Kadu Ramos

    Hi I Want to know if the music of Lennertz is the music that play in the end credits of every episode and in the menu of the DVD. If not someone coulf tell me the name of that song  

  20. # Blogger piekid

    Thanks so much for making these files available. I hate to say this but I downloaded the newer rip and the beginning or end of several of the songs still seem to have issues.  

  21. # Blogger cedric

    Does anyone have Christopher Lennertz' score for From Russia with Love (the videogame) and wish to share it?

    Best wishes,


  22. # Blogger xtine

    here is a very naive question but im do you use a rar file? so that you can play it as a mp3,or mp4?????
    i have never used a rar file before so i dont know how to convert it.  

  23. # Blogger Unknown

    Hey Jen,

    That music used at the end of Dead Man's Blood is a piece of score originally used for the season's end credits, which they then proceeded to use for the dvd menu. I just recently uploaded a ripped version of it in THIS post, if you're interested. Just scroll to the bottom under updates. :)  

  24. # Blogger pessoas. :D

    thanks a lot!  

  25. # Blogger Unknown


  26. # Blogger Unknown

    Thank you so much for posting this! I love that I've been looking for the credits forever and finally someone has come through!! Thank You !  

  27. # Blogger uncertnxtragedy

    how do i get the end theme for supernatural  

  28. # Blogger rachee.

    Thank you for the music. I have been looking everywhere on the internet for so long !
    Are you going to put up the Season 2 score if they have one out?? (:
    My iPod craves it lool. x  

  29. # Blogger xyrby

    THX ;)  

  30. # Blogger Unknown

    Where's the link?  

  31. # Blogger Türk 182  

  32. # Blogger WayneInNYC

    The Link from TURKAOR requires permission to access.
    I guess I’ll NEVER get this damn album.  

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