Heavy Metal 2000 - Frederic Talgorn

Here's a fantastic and sadly underrated score from French film composer Frederic Talgorn. A sequel to the classic animated rocker Heavy Metal (with score by Elmer Bernstein), Talgorn was handed a film that perhaps works best in the mind's eye of his music, which is suitably expansive, instantly evoking the dark reaches of space... (i.e., it was pure shit).

The music is incredibly reserved in emotion, but is so professionally written it's no surprise that Talgorn enthusiasts bemoan his absence from the Hollywood film music scene for the last ten years.

While Talgorn continues to write top notch music in his native France, Heavy Metal 2000 remains his last major Hollywood effort, which, if you haven't heard until this point, will surprise you with rich, evocative orchestrations ("Julie & Kerrie) and enough rage-filled action scoring to keep things interesting ("Julie's Journey").

This promotional disc was released in 2001 by Super Tracks, and has since burnt up into out-of-print oblivion like an asteroid entering the gravitational pull of the sun. How's that for a lame space metaphor?

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    HM 2000  

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    Thanks. This is very very cool. Agreed on all your points of Talgorns orchestrations. Some of his compositions are outstanding. Please, can you let me/us know of more Talgorn links? Or Elmers original?
    Thanks again for a lovely orchestral OST.

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    Thank you!!! This is a great score!  

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    thanks man this is great!  

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    Where's the link?  

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