Heffalump Movie / Lion King 1 1/2

Wow, a bit of a vacation there. Let's resume the posting, shall we?

Up next is a pair of Mouse House titles, Joel McNeely's Pooh's Heffalump Movie and Don Harper's The Lion King 1 1/2, both released as promotional albums by their composers.

Neither score has been released in any significant form. Only Heffalump received a few scant minutes of space on Walt Disney Records' Best of Pooh and Heffalumps, Too album, which was released to conincide with Heffalump's theatrical run and was dominated by Carley Simon tunes.

Harper's Lion King 1 1/2 felt even less love, completely ignored on a quickie soundtrack release that featured songs performed by Raven, and Vinx (who?).

Both scores are entertaining and animated (er, like their films). McNeely's is a traditional orchestral score that is both unassuming, gentle and sweet. Certainly inline with the work of a composer with considerable strengths for melodic, listenable film music.

Harper, who has carved a career for himself writing additional music for Trevor Rabin, continues where Hans Zimmer's Oscar-winning score for The Lion King left off, those this time tipping the balance towards the orchestral/choral, with plenty of ethnic touches, and African-style vocals.

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    Very very nice!

    Thanks you!  

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    thanks a lot!!! do you think you can reupload "Outcast - Lennie Moore"?? I have been looking for this soundtrack forever and was dissapointed when it said file deleted..if you do reupload it i would greatly appreciate it..thanks  

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    I would like to share the following spagetti western soundtrack which is responsible for the Gnarls Barkley hit "Crazy" Feel free to post on your blog or share with others


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    Jon, check the OUTCAST post for a new download link.  

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    I just discovered this blog today and, simply put, it is one of the greatest blogs EVER IN THE HISTORY OF BLOGS. I am going to go BLIND from all the blogging I am going to do at this site!

    Any chance we'll see/hear Chris Young's MURDER AT 1600???

    And, before I forget, to Soundtrack Sharity, though it is hardly sufficient for the great service you are providing us film score fanatics: THANK YOU.  

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    thanks for the uploads... could you upload one of michael giacchinos scores, call of duty or one of the medal of honors? thnks  

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    Billy, you are welcome. There's no reason why MURDER AT 1600 won't show up here at any given time!


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    great post  

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    I'm new here...where's the link?  

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    Can you re-post the Heffalump link? It's been removed long ago  

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    Your blog is great. But where is the link for Link for the movies?
    I could not find it.

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