Soul's Midnight - Ceiri Torjussen

Back with another promotional disc, Soul's Midnight by Welsh composer Ceiri Torjussen, an all synth (but effectively done) horror score for the 2006 low-budget shocker starring Armand Assante(!) as a vampire cult leader.

Fans of Marco Beltrami will find lots to like here, as Torjussen has orchestrated and written additional music for many of Beltrami's scores(I-Robot, Hellboy, Joyride, Blade 2, Dracula 2000, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines). The action material ("Final Showdown", "The Story") here has the same rhythmic insistence of Beltrami's work.

Torjussen also employs a synth choir ("The Ceremony Pt. 1"), and while it'll never convince you it's the Metro Voices, it at least fits with the synth palette. Soul's Midnight is a great little horror score with a good main theme ("Opening") and plenty of atmosphere from a young composer to watch!

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