Meet The Spartans - Christopher Lennertz

Did you think SSharity was dead? If it was, it wasn't for long! Because it's back. The rules are the same: if it wasn't released commercially, but as a promotional disc by the composer, then you might find it here.

To get things rolling again here's Christopher Lennertz's, ahem, dead serious score for the comedy spoof Meet The Spartans. It's a large orchestral effort that mainly skewers Tyler Bates' 300, with nods notably to Elfman's Spider-Man and Edward Scissorhands ("Land of Sparta", who would have known?) to name just a few (or three to be specific). And of course, released only as a promotional CD at the time of the film's release.

Stay tuned for more shares over the next few weeks! Titles like Aaron Zigman's The Jane Austen Book Club, Ceiri Torjussen's Soul's Midnight, and JAC Redford's Leroy & Stitch.

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  1. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity
  2. # Blogger Unknown

    This is actually a pretty great score for a horrible movie. It's a great rip-off (or homage) of 300, which was already a rip-off of other scores! Thanks for sharing it!  

  3. # Blogger Peter

    Thanks! will grab this one  

  4. # Blogger Scarabus

    Thanks for the post!  

  5. # Blogger Eden

    Thumbs up!

    Thanks for this one!...

    BTW, is the complete promo music score for "Young Sherlock Holmes" available anywhwere? I've been discovering and fancying Broughton lately. Wonderful composer! Thanks again!

    Any helpful hints would be appreciated.  

  6. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    There's a chance "Young Sherlock Holmes" could see a legitimate release, likely from the Intrada label. Let's hope!  

  7. # Blogger Unknown

    Eden -
    YSH is all over. I have it if you want it.  

  8. # Blogger LL

    Glad you are not dead! Please continue posting. :)  

  9. # Blogger OecieL

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  11. # Blogger Unknown

    Thanks u!I know one pack with similar samples and loops like in these soundtracks -  

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