Film Score Suites - Conrad Pope

SoundtrackSharity is all about promotional discs distributed for free to promote a composer's work (and not a place you'll find commercial releases).

There's no older form of promotional disc then the "general reel", a compilation disc of a composer's greatest hits, showcasing their diversity with selections from their "contemporary", "orchestral" and assorted styles. The next few titles I'll be posting are compilation/reel albums. These are titles that can only be found here at SoundtrackSharity... That is until the files are re-uploaded somewhere else and linked on another blog... (let me emphasize that dot, dot, dot!) I post only original albums, not re-ups from other sites.

First up is Conrad Pope's Film Score Suites, with music from a few films you've probably never heard of, but feature music inspired by scores you probably have! While it is exceptionally well crafted, Pope relies a bit on memorable themes and ideas from more prominent film scores like Goldsmith's Basic Instinct and Williams' Hook. Check it out in the comments...

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  1. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity
  2. # Blogger thingmaker

    Thanks for posting this.
    I have only heard Conrad Pope's "Ghost Ship" and it is a very enjoyable swashbuckling score - so I am very grateful to hear some more examples of his writing...
    Particularly as he sees to have written for films which are either VERY obscure or totally unwatchable  

  3. # Blogger Valentin Ice

    Thanks so much! Pope is a really talented composer, but also a phenominal orchestrator. Check out his IMDB and you'll see he's the new go-to composer for Williams (since John Nuefiled's semi-retirement) and a frequent collaborator of Silvestri and Horner.

    In fact, Conrad WROTE the outstanding "Train Chase" from 'Legend of Zorro'. By far the best action cue in several years and miles beyond the rest of Horner's score...

    Thanks again for a great share. I look forward to more of these type of promos.  

  4. # Blogger Philip

    Thank you so much for this, I love Pope's work, especially his exquisite "Pavilion of Women". Anyway, would it be possible for you to list which cues come from which films? Thanks again!  

  5. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    Here it is...

    01-10: MetalBeast
    11-16: Temptation
    17-23: Ghost Ship
    24-31: Under The Moon  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hey Sharity!

    When are you gonna post the next rare little gem. These demos from Conrad Pope or others are very cool. I think I have the Rick Giavionazzo (orchestration) demo somewhere.

    Let me know--- oh, and I finally got my BLOG rolling. Come check it out.

  8. # Blogger Soundtrack Sharity

    Hi Rethrick - nice to see you back. I'll be adding an album soon. Just been busy... And it looks like you have too! Thanks for posting SPIDER-MAN 3. It's nice to finally have that out.  

  9. # Blogger R2K

    : )  

  10. # Blogger Stretch

    Great Blog...Thank You and my main man Ripper!!!  

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