Re-post! Re-post! Re-post!

Hey folks -- long time, no see. Here are some re-uploaded soundtrack promo discs, back by popular demand. Get 'em (by scrolling down) while they're hot!

U571 - Richard Marvin
The Tigger Movie - Harry Gregson-Williams
Behind Enemy Lines - Don Davis
Call of Duty - Michael Giacchino
Swordfish - Christopher Young
Cartoon Concerto - Bruce Broughton

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  2. # Blogger J.D.

    hi! did you have the soundtrack: ? Would be nice :)  

  3. # Blogger adwwilukjythrgehtjykuiljtyhr

    I noticed you had Randy Newman's Air Force One score posted, but two years ago! Would it be possible to re-upload it again?  

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